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Project integrated to society and directed to social actions before all citizens of the world through help to social projects!


We are inspired by the actions of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which demonstrates that society needs to mobilize and not depend on governments to improve the world.


All of our actions aimed at helping social projects will be made available in a transparent way through BlockChain Technology

Social Actions using BlockChain technology transparently

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We work to integrate social projects

We created Bitnart with the objective of making all investments and actions of social projects more transparent before society, making the actions of these projects more transparent through the use of BlockChain technology


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Types of Social Actions

For Max Weber, who consolidates himself as responsible for the most famous classification of types of social actions, we can highlight the following types: Rational actions regarding values: actions taken based on the values of the individual, but without thinking about the consequences and often without considering whether the means chosen are appropriate to achieve…

Bitnart Actions

Bitnart is a Project aimed at social actions integrated with Blockchain technology, the project allocates 5% of all its units to social projects in various regions of the world, with the main focus on Latin America.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain (also known as “the protocol of trust”) is a distributed registration technology that aims at decentralization as a security measure. These are distributed and shared databases and records that have the function of creating a global index for all transactions that occur in a given market. It works as a ledger, only in a…



BTNADonate Action model in Brazil – Latin America

Project Pão Nosso de Cada Noite – Recife – Pernambuco – Brazil Bitnart was not created just to bring profits to the community, but transparency and reliability, so we assume that everyone will have a good profit in the future, but we also know that this will help thousands of people worldwide, so you can…


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