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About Bitnart

Bitnart is an ecosystem that offers secure transactions, fast payments, making life easier for users. This system uses secure and totally secret resources involved by the Blockchain itself, allowing users to send money to third parties at any time of the day without the intermediation of the government or any regulatory body. Like Bitcoin, Bitnart is an anonymous project, but with a strong team behind the project.

Today it is so easy to do good for humanity. Blockchain technology allows us to send Bitnart quickly and securely to anyone worldwide. The purpose of our project is to bring:


We are inspired by Max Weber, as we believe that a better future depends on each of us doing good to others.


We try to be honest in what we do. Integrity is a crucial point for all aspects of human life.


Our actions match what we are, that's why we work with transparency and ethics with our entire community.


We form teams around the world, focused on social actions such as: environmental responsibility actions, donations to charities, NGOs, orphanages, asylums and drug addicts. Our main focus is on Latin America.

Bitnart converts part of its assets to purchase food, personal hygiene materials, toys and advice for needy families.


How Social Actions work according to expert and capitalist Max Weber:

Rational actions in relation to values: actions taken based on the values ​​of the individual, but without thinking about the consequences and often without considering whether the means chosen are appropriate to achieve it.

Rational actions towards ends (also known as action for ends, from the German zweckrational): actions planned and taken after evaluating the end in relation to other ends, and after considering various means (and consequences) to achieve them. An example would be most economic transactions.

Affective actions: actions taken due to the individual's emotions, to express personal feelings. As examples, celebrating after victory, crying at a funeral, would be emotional actions. Traditional actions: actions based on rooted tradition. An example would be to relax on Sundays and wear lighter clothes. Some traditional actions can become a cultural artifact. These actions are the basis for the execution of projects at BITNART.

Services and Resources

Bitnart is a virtual currency asset that works through purchases and sales through cryptocurrency brokers, providing decentralization, security and offering features such as: wallet, testimonials, reward, community and more.

Explore Bitnart

Explorer is a block that provides Blockchain data in real time, this includes tracking and detailing the transactions carried out, it is also possible to monitor Bitnart currency ties as hash and receipts.


The iOS Digital Wallet is the evolution of the digital world, you can transfer BTNA to anyone, there is no need to pay any other currency fee for that. Very easy isn't it ?.

Web Wallet (Under construction).

The control of the portfolio is entirely yours. The funds do not leave your account without your authorization and cannot be frozen either. You will only have access through your private key. So don't share it with anyone.


You can also download the digital version for Android that provides greater mobility and practicality through: simple and agile transactions.

Testimonials - YouTube

On our Youtube channel you can follow the reports of people being helped through donations made by the Bitnart Team.

Cloud mining (Under construction).

Bitnart has a system in which you don't need to use computer processors or machine power. You can mine Bitnart using our online system without having to spend energy, thus contributing to savings and sustainability.

Why are we different?

We accept criticism and consider opinions to be divergent. Finally, we are different because we believe in other diversities, without promoting inequality. The difference is not what we do, but the attitudes we take.

Bitnart Collaborators.

If you want to be a Bitnart collaborator just click on:

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Bitnart Actions

Bitnart works as follows: each month we separate 10% BTNA for social work. Our focus is on Latin America and the countries most in need.

Bitnart information.

Bitnart was created through Blockchain Waves, in which the amounts can be transferred by paying a fixed fee of 0.005 BTNA. You can send anywhere without Bitnart team intervention.




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Bitnart Community


Bitnart Supply Max


One person can overcome many obstacles, but a strong team can overcome many wars. That is why our collaborators and supporters are available in our community to answer your questions.









Our listing

We intend to be listed in the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Note: we will list Bitnart in new exchanges soon